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Welcome back to our final round of Babble with Bloggers with Mia!
It's been such a pleasure to talk to Mia and learn more about her. But do not fret, viewers! For Mia shall be back in a couple of weeks with a new segment - soon to be announced!

Enjoy this final little Q&A with the lovely Mia - links after Q&A

1.      What are your top 3 book recommendations? – Can be a series!
Hmm – it would have to be The Premonition series by Amy A. Bartol (I’ve been raving about the series for the longest time – I’m just absolutely crazy about it!), the Infernal Devices series by Cassandra Clare and the Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard.

2.      Do you watch any booktubers? If so, who are they?
I’m not one to really watch booktubers, though in the last couple months I stumbled upon Sasha Alsberg, whose youtube channel is called abookutopia. I actually really enjoy her channel – she’s super funny and cheerful, and I love her reviews on the books!

3.      Who is your go-to author?
Hands down Amy A. Bartol. There’s no competition there – I will read anything and everything that woman writes!

4.      How do you get over reading slumps?
I either try and force myself to read one of my all-time-favourite books to try and jig me out of it – it usually does the trick- but if not I kind of just wait a week or so, or even better listen to e-books instead because that works for me sometimes! Something about listening to the book instead of reading it just seems to help me get over my reading slumps!

5.      Do you ever buy books from Second-hand Bookstores?
Nope ! I’d love to, but where I live the choice of books is super limited. As in, they only sell bestsellers and even so they never stock the complete series, so it’s pretty difficult for me to buy books, let alone second-hand bookstores. That being said though, I have seen some around when I travel but I’ve just never gone in, though I’d love to go – they seem so interesting!

6.      Favourite TV series, Food and Animal?
My favourite TV series has to F.R.I.E.N.D.S – it’s absolutely amazing! If you haven’t watched it yet, you have to watch it right now! It’s like the olden day version of How I Met Your Mother, yet another great show!
My favourite food would either be ramen or wraps – I can eat endless amounts of both! I live in Asia, so there’s loads of places to eat ramen and I’m always trying to find new places to eat the dish! As for wraps – well what’s not to love? Their super convenient especially when I’m rushing around during school time, and I love the taste.
My favourite animal would have to be horses! I love the way they look, and I really like to horse ride too! I used to horse-ride for a couple years but I stopped because it took up too much of my time :(

7.      Have you read or watched any book adapted TV series? If so, what one? Have you read the books?
Yep! I read most of the Vampire Diaries books and I watch the TV series as well – I’m addicted! I’ve also watched Game Of Thrones, though I haven’t read the books for that one but I’m dying to, they look amazing!

8.      What is the bookstore you visit most?
I tend to shop online for my books just ‘cause like I said before, the choice of books where I live is super limited! I ‘visit’ Book Depository the most because they have practically any book you want for quite a cheap price and it’s free shipping to most countries, so it suits me perfectly!

9.      Favourite section of a bookstore?
The Young Adult series, obviously! :)

10.   Top 5 Female Fictional Characters?
Mare Barrow from The Red Queen, Amy Gumm from Dorothy Must Die, Mara Dyer from the Unbecoming of Mara Dyer, Penryn Young from Angelfall and Evie from The Premonition series!

Think lovely thoughts xo 


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