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Welcome back to Babble with Bloggers! Round 2 with Mia aka thatcrazybookobsession!! Enjoy xo

1. If your house was burning and you could save one book, what book would it be and why?

It would probably be either Clockwork Princess by Cassandra Clare. Or Under Different Stars by Amy Bartol. Or Incendiary by Amy Bartol. You can see how I have a slight problem with picking my books, huh? I would pick any of these three books (I’m sorry I just can’t pick one it’s too difficult!) because the stories are absolutely amazing not to mention there’s a good dose of romance in each one, which is an essential.

2. What is your favourite book series that has been adapted to film?

Hmm, this is hard. It would have to be Divergent I guess, or the Maze Runner (Thomas Brodie Sangster hello!) I thought Divergent was done pretty well as a film, and the actors were picked out pretty well and with Maze Runner, well, I just loved the whole cast!

3.  If you could choose one book to make into a movie, what book? Who would you cast for the main roles? Would you change any parts of the story?

I would choose the Red Queen by Victoria Aveyrd. For Mare, the main female character I would choose Rhiannon Fish, I would cast Cal as Tyler Posey or () and for my dear maven I would choose Thomas Brodie Sangster but a larger, slightly taller version of him.

4. Do you read books before watching the movie or watch the movie before reading the book?

I tend to read the books before watching the movie just because I find that the book is always, always better and the movie can never match up to it so I just read the book ahead first!

5. If a fictional character could be brought to life, however they wouldn’t remember anything that happened in the book but they would have the same traits as the character. Who would you pick to bring to life?

Jem Carstairs from the Infernal Devices series. No doubt, hands down! He’s so sweet, and gentle yet determined and has the softest and kindest heart ever. I really love him in the Infernal Devices series, and even if he didn’t remember anything that happened in the book I would still absolutely love him because of his personality!

6. What are your top 5 I-wish-you-were-real male characters?

In no particular order (because it would be impossible to choose!): Will Herondale from the Infernal Devices series, Jem Carstairs, also from the Infernal devices series, Reed Wellington from the Premonition series, Aaron Warner Anderson from Shatter Me and Raffe from Angelfall.

7.  If you woke up as your favourite fictional character, who would it be and what would be the first thing you’d do?

Ooh this is a tough one! I’d probably be Celaena Sandrothein from the Throne of Glass series and the first thing I’d do is lob of The King of Adarlan’s head and then run away with Chaol! (Not usually such a violent person but oh well)

8. What are the top 4 places you wish to visit in the world?

Off the top of my head: Wales, Scotland, Maldives and Ireland!

9. Do you prefer to read books that are written in third person or from a character’s perspective?

I prefer books that are written in a character’s perspective just because I find it much more interesting to see what the character is thinking and every thing from their eyes, not to mention it makes things a lot easier for me to understand.

10. Do you purchase any books online? If so, can you recommend some websites?

Yes I do, as sadly where I live the book stores are super limited *wipes tears away* The only store I will buy from online is Book Depository, as they have free shipping which is a huge thing and their books are also a lot cheaper than in bookstores, so I definitely recommend it! I don’t buy from stores like Amazon just because the shipping is so expensive – I ordered from them this one time and the shipping cost was more than the price of my books, so trust me I’m never ordering from them again! 

I hope you all have enjoyed this session of Babble with Bloggers! Thanks again to the lovely Mia for answering today’s questions!

And for all you other book bloggers out there! Feel free to contact me via my social media links or send me a message!

Think lovely thoughts xo

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