Sunday, 17 February 2019

Eclectic. Electric. Excellent. ELSKA.

"Boy, oh boy, oh boy!"

The Adelaide Fringe Festival season is officially here!!

From circus freaks and drama geeks to singers and performers galore for the next four weeks!! It's always a neverending month full of surprises and fun for everyone!

First up on our guided tour of some of the wonderful acts to be found around South Australia during this fabulous month; we have the debut of an Australian artist making tracks in the music industry with her two best pals, a harp and a loop pedal.

Ladies and gentlemen, may I introduce to you the incredibly talented, eclectic harpist,

This playful, upbeat, sassy and soulful Gold Coast artist has taken the mellow sounds of her harp and with the power of a loop pedal, united them to form melodic, boho, upbeat pop music. 

Last night, I was very fortunate to be invited to see her perform at the first stop of her Heart + Harp Tour live at The Exhibition hosted by Mixed Creative.
What a beautiful night of live music, stories and support from all of ELSKA's family, friends and local content creators.

ELSKA has brought not only her captivating lyrics accompanied by her enchanting harp and loop pedal; she also brings a lightness to her live shows with backstories of her songs, interacting with the audience, and being very easy to relate to.

Tayla Giles, ELSKA and Jemma Hadley at ELSKA's Heart + Harp show

Congratulations to ELSKA. on a fantastic opening night at the Adelaide Fringe Festival!
A big thank you to Mixed Creative for hosting and to Martini Mondays for inviting us to indulge in ELSKA's beautiful music!

Be sure to buy tickets and catch ELSKA. at her other live shows this Fringe season, you don't want to miss her!!

Keep watching this space for more of a look into what the Adelaide Fringe Festival 2019 has in store!

Think Lovely Thoughts xo

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