Sunday, 22 May 2016


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To say that Tommy Wallach is a bigoted, holier than thou author would be the farthest thing from the truth since “Donald Trump will be a good President”. Armed with a quick wit, funny anecdotes, and incredibly charming, Tommy easily drew in the crowd and created the kind of atmosphere you’d find at a bonfire gathering. Not afraid to poke fun at himself, Tommy took us through his journey as a writer. First being published in literary magazine in his younger days, he goes on to talk about the six fully written novels he had gone on to write which were all horrible. Without holding anything back, Tommy gives aspiring young writers in the crowd the reality of what being an author is really like: difficult, and taxing on the psyche as you try to complete a piece of work which is good. Although, despite the negatives, he does give some advice that gives hope to anyone looking for a career in the arts: that hard work, determination, and the proud feeling you get from being praised is what makes it all worth it in the end. Whether you’re a struggling musician or an aspiring writer, the payoff is what makes the effort worthwhile. And having a stable income from somewhere doesn’t hurt either! Not everything was all good fun, Tommy did say the unspeakable: that the Harry Potter ending was terrible! His love for ambiguous endings was obvious in both We All Looked Up and Thanks For The Trouble, however we could forgive him when he let drop that he has written a screenplay for Thanks For The Trouble. He is also working on a young adult trilogy set 1000 years after an apocalyptic event, which everyone will be looking forward to reading.

Luckily for us, one of the girls brought along an acoustic guitar which allowed Tommy to play Seduce Me from his album for We All Looked Up. A beautiful song that transfers to the audience, giving you a sense of what the characters in the novel were feeling. Tommy is a skilled musician who puts a bit of their heart and soul into their music which you could definitely feel while watching him play. Tommy doesn’t beat around the bush about his musical journey which, like writing, included years of hard work, and also learning that classical music isn’t the only genre you can play on a piano. Unfortunately for him, he didn’t pick up any girls playing the piano!

Tommy is a wonderful and talented person, who takes his audience seriously, but isn’t afraid to have a little fun as well. I’m excited to see what work he produces in the future, and definitely excited to read his next trilogy.

- Joanna (Instagram: @joanna_pastro )

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