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Rating: 5 stars

HAPPY RELEASE DAY to Every Pane Of Glass by HB Stumbo

Goodreads Book Description:
Several miles south of Devil’s Lake, Michigan, lies a town whose charm is trumped by its name. Devil Town may be beautiful and unique, but it offers no remorse for locals who have left the city limits. Val Stevens is a local born and raised, and after an eight year hiatus, she’s come back to town to stir up some old flames. Cracked like glass from life’s quirky twists of fate, Val keeps to herself and wards off the local “Devilers”, like a bad disease. But even someone as fiery as Val, can’t deny the appeal of a friendship with an intriguing stranger, or the ghosts of her past.

With the help of Anderson Pane, Devil Town’s newest resident, Val unearths pieces of herself she has lost along the way, while chipping away at the edges of those who caused her to shatter. She quickly learns that in order to face her future, she needs to forget everything she thought she knew about her past. A task which proves to be equal parts shocking and healing.

Can Val walk among the shards of who she was in order to find out she is? In a place where secrets run deeper than the depth of Devil’s Lake itself, the answer bubbles to the surface, in a twisted turn of events, history, love, and even death.

My Review:
Holy guacamole! Hayley has done it again! Completely blown away and astounded at the storyline, characters and mysteries within!

Val Stevens is such a deeply beautiful yet wounded young woman with a bold attitude. Her past with her little brother Tyler passing, her dad abandoning them and history with Jordan was truly heartbreaking but I couldn't put this book down.

Anderson Pane is a charming, engaging young man with a true sense of how to see the world's beauty. A stunning and captivating character with excellent morals, I have such high admiration for him.

Jordan Brooks, Val’s ex-boyfriend who continues to haunt her, even when she returns to Devil Town; she just can’t seem to shake him off. First I hated him, thought he was a jerk then all of a sudden BOOM! I sympathized him and actually teared up a bit in the final chapter or so of the book.

All in all, a fantastic book written by the ever-talented Hayley Stumbo!
Thank you Hayley, for taking me on yet another wonderful journey.

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