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Rating: 4.5 steamy stars


Goodreads Book Description:
So let’s get this straight.
This is a story about romance.
Well, it’s not a story. I mean, it’s not something somebody made up. It’s about me. And yeah, in case you’re wondering, I’m a guy.
Surprised? Sure you are. You figure those words just don’t go together. Romance, with a capital R. Guy, with a capital G. You’re probably sitting there and smirking. What could a dude possibly know about romance? You figure we’re big on sex. But romance?
You’re right.
Romance is not a male thing.
And that’s exactly my problem.
The bottom line is that whatever you think you know about men and romance is pretty much correct. You figure we’re big on the F-word as long as it stands for Fuck and not Forever.

My Review:
I absolutely loved reading this book; it honestly felt like I had a smile plastered to my face the entire time!

“This story is about romance.”
A simple statement that intrigued me so much because there had to be something more to this story about romance. I knew this would be an adult romance book and I originally expected it to be about some millionaire playboy, but I couldn’t have been more wrong.

It’s a sweet old-fashioned love story filled with laughter, fun and all together a quick, fabulous read!

Matt overhears a conversation between Bailey and her mother where she has been invited to her not so delightful cousin’s wedding, however Bailey makes an excuse that she’s going away for a romantic weekend with a man. After realising her mistake, she panics…cue her hero, Matt. He volunteers to help her by posing as her date and accompanying to the wedding in order to show up her cousin.
Matt has never seen Bailey as more than his shapeless suit wearing, quick-witted PA, but as every typical romance story goes, there is always a catch. Especially for Matt, who begins to see Bailey as the beautiful and confident woman that’s been hiding beneath those suits all those years.

The F-Word is told from Matt’s POV which I found to be quite amusing and interesting as most adult romances are either told from the female’s POV or in third person. He was very entertaining and realistic, often going off on little tangents about his life, how he views Bailey, etc. It was also wonderful to see Bailey’s transformation by watching her grow in her confidence and come out of her shell as an entirely different.

The friendship between Bailey and Matt was perfectly developed, not too rushed or too slow; unfortunately I can’t say the same for the change in their relationship, it went from 0 to 100 real quick, but I still loved the journey these two incredible characters went on.

The F-Word has only ever meant one thing to Matt, but after a weekend with his long-time PA, could it mean something completely different?

Excerpt from The F-Word:
Matthew O’Malley is one hell of a catch. He’s rich, handsome, charming, smart—and every woman who’s slept with him says he’s fantastic in bed.
This is all true, but he’s also a guy who got where he is today by working hard and by hiring the best people.
Bailey Abram is one of those people. She’s Matthew’s PA. She’s loyal, efficient, brilliant—and she’s never been with a man in her life.
Suddenly, it’s crisis time. Bailey’s cousin is getting married and Bailey’s mother insists she come home for the wedding. Bailey refuses. She and her cousin have a long, unpleasant history. Bailey was the straight A student. Violet was the prom queen and she’s never let Bailey forget it. So Bailey tells a huge lie. She can’t come to the wedding, she says, because she’s going away for the weekend with a rich, gorgeous, sexy guy.
Matthew overhears this. And he sees her burst into tears when she ends the call to her mother. He hates to see Bailey so unhappy. After all, this is his PA. His dedicated paragon of efficiency. Impulsively, he offers to help. Why not go to the wedding with her? Play the part of her rich, gorgeous, sexy boyfriend?
So what if it means spending four intense days getting to know each other outside the office? So what if it means turning Bailey from a woman who dresses like somebody’s maiden aunt into a hot-looking babe? So what if it means teaching her how to touch him and be touched by him, kiss him and be kissed by him? There won’t be any real sex because it’s only a game.
That’s all it is.
Just a smoking-hot, set-fire-to-the-sheets game.

The F-Word by Sandra Marton releases January 17th


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