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There are so many books in the world, each with wonderful characters and those that create very special relationships.
Here are my Top 10 Best Book Couples - from books I've read.

√Čtienne & Anna – Anna and The French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins
Honestly, how could I not put these two as my #1? Paris, attraction at first sight, adorable and they are put in realistic situations. Anna & √Čtienne are by far my all time favourite book couple!

Avery & Jake/Parker – Shattered Rose by Tammy L Gray
I read Shattered Rose a while ago but the emotions, beauty and amazing storyline of these three characters is beautiful. Both Parker and Jake treated Avery with so much respect and love, I honestly couldn’t choose who I wanted her to be with.

Etta & Nicholas – Passenger by Alexandra Bracken
Time travelling romance, need I say more?
Seriously though, the connection between Etta and Nicholas was one of the most enchanting relationships I’ve read about. A compelling and unforgettable love story.

Sydney & Ridge – Maybe Someday by Colleen Hoover
By far one of the most heart warming and touching love stories I can recall. A deaf musician and a heartbroken beauty in need of a place to stay and true friends. The friendship, turned relationship between Sydney and Ridge has definitely earned a very special place in my heart.

Charlotte & Vance – Hide And Seek Her series by HB Stumbo
I cannot even begin to explain my love for these two characters and their journey. Vance Wait, the mysterious yet intriguing man who pulls Charlotte from the dark of her past and helps her to see a brighter side of life. However, the darkness always lingers where you can’t see it.

West & Maggie – Until Friday Night by Abbi Glines
There’s just something about the dynamic of one closed off character and the other character opening them up that just does things to my heart. Maggie chose not to speak after witnessing her mother’s murder until she moved to Lawton High and met the cocky, popular, handsome West Ashby. West’s life is seen as perfect to everyone but Maggie, she knows something is wrong and it’s not too long until West’s pain becomes too much to handle so he opens up to shy Maggie.

Holly & Gerry – P.S. I Love You by Cecelia Ahern
Everyone needs a guardian angel.
Childhood sweethearts, Holly and Gerry are the adorable couple that everyone looked up to. That was until Gerry passed away. In P.S. I Love You readers see how Holly deals with the loss of her beloved Gerry and how she rebuilds her life through letters he left her.

Emerson & Maddox – The Sound Of Serendipity by Cynthia A. Rodriguez
A woman in love with possibilities meets a man determined to make them happen.
Yet another love story involving music – I can’t help myself!
Emerson and Maddox come from different sides of the park, but fate brings them together and it’s certainly for the best. A tale of a dreamy romance turned reality and as it turns out, reality can sometimes be much better.

Mia & Adam - If I Stay by Gayle Forman
A violinist and a lead singer, what more is there to love about Mia and Adam?
Their journey as a couple is truly beautiful, from the moment he sees her escaping into her world of music to the life changing accident that could change their relationship forever.

Anastasia & Christian – Fifty Shades trilogy by EL James
This trilogy is about more than just sex and the BDSM lifestyle. It’s about overcoming one’s secrets and finding to the core of who you are. What Ana and Christian must face to find and be with one another is nothing short of writing brilliance.

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