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Rating: 5 stars

Goodreads Book Description:
They say nothing compares to your first kiss,
But our first kiss was orchestrated for an audience.
Our second kiss…that one was REAL.
He cradled my face like he was terrified he’d f*ck it up.
He stared into my eyes until the air buzzed.
Soft and slow, full of sighs and little laughs,
He inhaled me like I was the finest Belgian chocolate,
And he'd never get another piece.
A nip of his teeth, his hand at my waist...
And I was lost.
I forgot he was paying me to be his fake fiancée.
I forgot we weren’t REAL.
Our kiss was pure magic, and before you laugh and say those kinds of kisses don’t exist…
Then you’ve never touched lips with Max Kent, the hottest quarterback in college history.

Get ready for breathtaking kisses and dreamy football players…

My Review:
Thank you to TRSOR Promotions for sending me an ARC of Fake Fiancée for review!

WOW. I mean just…WOW. I read this in 3 days and was left utterly speechless with a giant smile and a few tears of joy.
What a perfectly balanced emotional and steamy whirlwind! I honestly couldn’t have asked for a better cheesy adult romance book to land in my hands at more perfect timing!

I’d be completely lying if I were to say I wasn’t planning on hunting down a quarterback with a troubled past and begging to be his fake girlfriend – oops?

I honestly loved everything about Fake Fiancée, the cheesy romance, the gorgeous characters and bonus emotional rollercoaster. I remember when I started this book, I was in a study lesson, about 4 chapters in and I was like: “I should not be reading this in class…but I’ll do it anyway!”

Yep, definitely worth it.

Max is the star quarterback of Leland University and is one of the top contenders to win the prized Heisman Trophy at the end of his senior year. His presence is known on and off the field; almost everywhere he goes football groupies swarm him with pleas to be the next notch on his goal post.

Sunny is the sassy and vibrant art major attending Leland on an art scholarship; She lives next door to Max and she is not very fond of him being an athlete, who of which is on the same team as her douchebag ex-boyfriend. However, as all romance stories go, something changes in the way Sunny sees Max; she decides to give him a chance and agree to be in a fake relationship, soon turning into a fake engagement – much to Sunny’s surprise.

Sunny and Max’s chemistry broke the scale and the indisputable attraction between them was beautifully told. I loved that Max was not an asshole or manwhore, but instead was a sweet, caring, attractive and somewhat cocky man whom I have certainly fallen for.

Fake Fiancée was such an enthralling, beautiful, angst filled romance of which I found incredibly hard to put down. The storyline was very engaging, Max and Sunny’s fast paced story immediately sucked me in, and Ilsa’s storytelling was simply fabulous!


Max stalked over to the barrier that divided the stands from the football field and jumped it. The fans went nuts as he brushed past them, some not even realizing it until he was down the aisle. The Jumbotron followed him.
“Good Lordy, what’s he doing?” Mimi asked, clutching at her chest.
“I don’t know,” I said rather weakly, taking the chance to study him the closer he came. He was beautiful, his shoulders impossibly broad. To add to the distraction, his helmet was in his hand and all that dark brown hair was flowing around his chiseled features as if he had a fan in his face. My Viking.
“He’s coming over here,” Mimi commented.
He was. But why?
I stopped breathing . . .right when he came to a halt in front of me and knelt down on one knee.
Eyes the color of a wild ocean gazed at me.
He took my left hand in his right one.
“Max,” I breathed, my heart fluttering.
He gazed up at me. “Sunny Blaine, will you marry me?”
The stadium went wild. In a daze, I looked up at the Jumbotron and felt like I was watching this happen to someone else. Camera phones flashed all around us.
My first clear thought was I’ll kill him.
Aloud, nothing came out but a faint wheeze. Clearly someone had stuffed a giant wad of cotton in my mouth. Clearly I needed something a lot stiffer to drink than this Diet Coke. Clearly my fake boyfriend was a freaking raving lunatic.
He sat his helmet on the ground next to my feet, reached inside it and pulled out a small black box.
No, no, no!
The box opened, and my stomach churned at the sight of the large round solitaire diamond ring that was nestled on the black silk. I blinked repeatedly to clear my vision.
With deft fingers, Max eased it out of the lining and slipped it on my left hand.
I stared down at it. Then back at him.
I was going to murder the hottest quarterback in the country.
Kiss her, Kiss her, the crowd chanted.
We were the focal point of the entire world.
Max stood and tugged me up with him until we were standing. He slid his hand around my neck and pulled his face to mine. The sky was blotted out as he kissed me.
But I hadn’t said yes!
I wouldn’t say yes.
Not to a fake engagement.
The applause of the stadium was deafening. And his kiss—it was deadly. Despite my rage, my body craved him. His lips were hot, so hot, and my tongue met his with a vengeance. We kissed hard, and I nipped at him, my teeth scraping across his lips. But the only one who’d end up bleeding in this scenario was me.
He eased back to take me in, and with a final look at my face he gave a thumbs-up sign to the entire stadium. They went nuts, chanting his name.
“I’m sorry,” he whispered in my ear, letting his hand trail down my arm as he stepped back from me. He walked away backward, eyes on me the entire time. The announcers for the game told everyone who might have missed it that Max Kent had just asked his girlfriend to marry him, and she’d said yes. More cheers came as they replayed him on his knee in front of me with a giant YES written across the top.
I plopped back down in my seat. Frozen.
“. . . did you see her face? Shocked . . .”
“. . . most romantic thing in football . . .”
“. . . luckiest girl in the world . . .”
My face went hot. Even my ears burned. I wanted to crawl under a seat.
What a lie.
The half ended and our offense came out to the field, snapped the ball, and Max threw it straight to Tate who ran it in for another touchdown. My chest constricted and anger churned in my gut.
I didn’t care who won.
I hated football right now.
Most of all, I hated Max Kent, and I was going to make him pay.

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