Monday, 28 March 2016


Rating: 5 stars

Goodreads Book Description: Frankie Vega is angry. Just ask the guy whose nose she broke. Or the cop investigating the burglary she witnessed, or her cheating ex-boyfriend or her aunt who's tired of giving second chances...When a kid shows up claiming to be Frankie's half brother, it opens the door to a past she doesn't want to remember. And when that kid goes missing, the only person willing to help is a boy with stupidly blue eyes … and secrets of his own. Frankie's search for the truth might change her life, or cost her everything.

My Review: Frankie follows the story of a difficult, troubled character that quite often doesn’t make the best decisions but she’s easy to relate to. Frankie’s troubles start with her past which leas to her using one of Shakespeare’s books to rearrange someone’s face. Her aunt, Vinnie, has looked after Frankie for almost all of her life and is very protective when Xavier appears. Xavier claims to be her half-brother who also hasn’t had the best experience in life and just as she’s getting to know him, he disappears.

I absolutely loved Frankie, how eccentric and quirky she is. The adventure she goes on throughout this book to find Xavier, befriending Nate, sneaking out at night, discovering more about her past, etc. It was all so thrilling and kept me on the edge of my seat!

I would recommend this to those looking for a new YA Author (not to mention, Shivaun Plozza is Australian) and an adventure like no other.

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